About Petal Glass

Petal Glass industries is the pioneer in glass making in Eastern Uttar Pradesh ( Gorakhpur) catering to a demand of glass work of varieties staring from intricate interior glass work , mirrors , window panes , designer doors , stained glass , murals , fusion , laminated glass etc and dealing in individual orders , corporates .. Job work etc

The clients range from small households to large offices , showrooms, schools, hospitals, malls and corporations spread over the length and breath of this area upto Kathmandu in Nepal and Patna in Bihar.

Petal glass is a family run enterprise run by a very talented entrepreneur Gunjan Upadhyaya, who is also professionally trained in commercial art and specializing in painting and creative glasswork.

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Imitation on glass from photos

Petal Glass can create bespoke decorative glass panels from your own drawings or even photos. Family members, pets or even homes can be immortalised in a beautiful glass panel.

We can create personalised single glazed or double glazed glass panels for your door or feature window in Leaded Glass or Etched Glass depicting your favourite animal, sport or even a country scene. Our glass artists have many years of experience in drawing and designing glass panels and have produced original works of art for projects around the india.

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Bevelled Glass

Bevelled glass is usually made by taking thick glass and creating an angled surface cut (bevel) around the entire periphery. Bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting color diffraction which both highlights the glass work and provides a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.

"Bevelled glass" can be obtained as clusters which are arranged to create a specific design. These can vary from simple three or four piece designs, often used in top lights of windows and conservatories, to more complex combinations of many pieces, suitable for larger panels such as doors and side screens.

Bevelled Glass designs can truly lift the whole look of a room or door entryway. The way the light bounces off the angled pieces of glass is a beautiful sight that can only really be appreciated when you are face to face with a Bevelled Glass panel.

Bevels can be used along with colours, textures and different lead strips to create unique focal points for your home.

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Fused Glass

Fused glass techniques are generally used to create Art glass, glass tiles, and jewellery, notably beads. Slumping techniques allow the creation of larger, functional pieces like dishes, bowls, plates, and ashtrays. Producing functional pieces generally requires 2 or more separate firings, one to fuse the glass and a second slump it to shape.

Fused glass is a true work of art captured in glass. The different coloured areas of the glass are slowly melted together to create a beautiful effect that looks stunning.

Our fused glass tile gallery contains many different tiles and these can be used to create amazing and unique door and window glass panels.

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